Diorama, a branch of the Oleksandr Suvorov Museum, was opened on May 9, 1973 in the building of a former mosque built in the 16th century.

The Small Mosque is the oldest architectural monument of Izmail (XVI century), one of the few examples in Ukraine of medieval classical Ottoman architecture of its heyday.The mosque is located on the territory of the Turkish fortress of Izmail, taken in 1790 by Russian troops and the Black Sea Cossacks under the command of O. Suvorov. This is the only building that has survived from the Turkish fortress.

A museum with a diorama " The Izmail Fortress Assault " created by the artists of the Moscow Military Studio E. Danilevsky and V. Sibirsky was opened in the mosque.A diorama-ribbon-shaped, curved semicircular historical picture, not limited by a frame, surrounds the viewer, creating the effect of presence. For more convincing painting is combined with three-dimensional objects. The 20x8 m canvas was created within two years. The canvas depicts the decisive moment of the storming of the fortress.

The embankment near the diorama is one of the favorite places of rest of the Izmail citizens. It was built in 2013-2016 at the request of the city authorities, has a European look and stretches from the monastery gates to the diorama fortress assault.