The museum is located in the centre of Izmail in an old two-storey mansion that belonged to the mayor of Izmail the merchant of the Guild I F.P.Tulchianov. The museum  was founded in 1990. The exhibition area is about 800 m2. There are five halls and the foyer of the first floor and three halls and a gallery on the second floor are opened for visitors. There is an old two-storey wing of the XIX century in the Balkan style with a wooden gallery of the second floor and a corner tower in the yard, which houses a part of museum storage.

The mansion, where there is a museum today, was built for a merchant family Tulchianov. The great Bessarabia landowner of the beginning of the XX century, Fedor Pavlovich Tulchianov was a mayor of Izmail in 1912 and became the honorary citizen of Izmail.

The Tulchianov House witnessed many events which happen in the city and region. During the First World War, in the part of the house, the headquarters of defence of the Danube outfall were located. In the Romanian period (1918-1940) there was a court (city court) in the building and after that a professional craft four-year school.

At the beginning of World War II, in June 1941, the headquarters of the 51stPerekopska division was located in the building, and the headquarters of defence of the city – in the cellar. The military hospital was located there in 1944. From 1946 to 1986 the Palace of pioneers and school students of A.P.Gaidar was placed there. Since 1994 there is a local historical Museum of Danube region in this building.

The museum has several thematic exhibitions:”Smil, Signal…Izmail” is devoted to the appearance of the city-fortress and the arrangement of Greeks, Romans, Turks, Tatars and the Christian population on its territory.

The original documents, photos, household items, the witnesses of events in Danube region in the late XIX – early XX centuries are presented at the exhibition that called “People, destinies, time”. The destinies of those who fought in World War I and worked in the rare are also covered.

The main section is devoted to F.P.Tulchianov – the owner of a mansion in which the museum is located nowadays.

The new non-traditional directions and forms of Museum work are united in local historical theatre “Sophocles”. The unique historical suits of Kyivska Rus of X-XI centuries, and the aristocratic and national suits of XVI-XIX centuries are reproduced by the method of scientific reconstruction.

The museum collected 31800 exhibits reflecting the different periods of the history of Izmail and region.