Orestiada has been characterized as the newest Greek city. It was founded in 1923 by Greek refugees, inhabitants of nearby Hadrianople and particularly of its suburb, Kara Ağaḉ, both now on Turkish soil. 

The city’s central square, harmoniously incorporated within the “Hippodameian” town plan, constitutes the heart of the commercial centre of the city and plays an important role within the financial and social life of the inhabitants. It is a space of high quality standards, welcoming visitors and inviting them to explore the sightseeing spots and to prolong their stay in the region.  

The Town Hall of Orestiada dominates the central square of the city. It was founded in 1953 under the mayor Athanasios Pantazides and constitutes a typical architectural specimen of those days. It covers a total surface of 1246m2, with a tiled roof, and hosts the central services of the municipality. Its halls are spacious and classy, decorated with marble and wood. In front of the Town Hall stands the statue of the martyred Patriarch Cyril VI. The surroundings of the Town Hall are decorated by trees, bushes and many rose trees, creating niches of freshness.  

A noteworthy fact is that on the west side of the square has been placed a photovoltaic tree, with lamps glowing at night using solar energy, accumulated during the day by photovoltaic panels.