Moving northwest and only 37 km of Orestiada through a beautiful route you can reach village of Komara. The numerous country yards, full of fertile farms, trees and vegetables are surrounded by endless vineyards with a wide variety of grapes (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Μavroudi, Merlot etc.). As a result, the area provides excellent tourism opportunity for culinary delights, relax and peace. Here you can taste a delicious local cuisine and enjoy breathtaking landscapes!

The municipal refreshment hall at the bridge of Komara keeps in total balance with the surrounding environment and can offer unforgettable gastronomy tastes as well as unique travel experiences to nature lovers. The building is located at the north waterside of Ardas river (affluent of Evros river) close to the bridge that connects Komara with Kiprinos village. It is a stone-built building of 433 square meters which was built in 1950 with a rectangle floor plan and well-proportioned volume. For decades the hall has been used as military station.

The visitors can explore both riverfronts only by 334 meters walk which is equivalent to the length of the bridge. It is remarkable that from 1912 to 1931 there was a wooden bridge at this point which has been totally destroyed by a big river flood. For a long time, communication between Komara and Kiprinos was achievable only by boat or by crossing the river on foot when the riverbed was low. The new bridge was built in 1963. In Greek territory Ardas river has a total length of 49 km and has been identified as a Natura 2000 area.

Furthermore, behind the refreshment hall and in a close distance from it the traveler can admire the south boundaries of Greek wildlife refuge in Komara barrage with a surface of 7.038 acres. Nature lovers will experience an unforgettable travel memory by exploring the forest and discovering fauna and flora of the area.

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