"Moldova is a country where dreams come true, a place where fairy tales turn into reality..." - Such impressions have those who were lucky to discover this small land between Ukraine and Romania.

The Republic of Moldova is a country with ancestral traditions, folk dances, fairy landscapes and good people.

In this way can be described this small country located in the south-east of Europe, between Romania in the west and Ukraine in the east. Although it has a small area, the Republic of Moldova has a considerable tourist potential, represented first of all, by an unusual diversity of natural landscapes and unique geological monuments. Such a jewel also exists along the Prut River, where there are breathtaking landscapes. Being navigable, it is a great pleasure to travel on water by boat. These natural landscapes, often preserved pristine and enigmatic are historical places that carry the breath of history in them;

Wine tourism is also an important tourist destination, especially in rural areas. For centuries, rich traditions of vine-growing and wine-making have been developed in Moldova. Due to their quality, many of the wines produced in our country enjoy a good international reputation. As a wine country, the Republic of Moldova offers the opportunity to choose the preferred wine routes, so that tourists can visit cellars and underground cities, wine shops, enterprises for primary wine processing, wine making companies that produce sparkling wines, divine (local brandy), balsams etc. The wine producers which are part of the tourist route "Wine Road in the Republic of Moldova", presents an essential motivation to visit our country. 

At the same time, the Republic of Moldova has preserved the beautiful customs and traditions, but also a delicious local cuisine. Here you can find folklore festivals, Hora of Cahul (traditional dances where anybody can participate) and traditional handicrafts specific to Moldova. In fact, the local people are those who create the spirit of hospitality in our small country.