Bulgaria – an explicit combination of unique nature, ancient culture, healing springs and warm sea.

Discover Bulgaria – the heart of the Balkans with its explicit combination of the unique nature embedding excellent tourism opportunities due to the mild climate of four seasons, the warm sea to the East, the mountain peaks to the South West and the majestic Stara Planina mountain crossing the whole country. Bulgaria is famous for being one of the oldest nations in the world with its long history and ancient culture presenting a lot of discoveries - the oldest gold treasure in the world was found near Varna, the oldest Thracian Tomb in South East Europe near Kazanlak, Plovdiv is one of the five oldest living towns. Unique cultural monuments of UNESCO are important stop points of diligence and recognitions of notable living history.  

Bulgaria is not by change called the Land of Roses due to the wide rose countryside yards and the worldwide popular rose oil. The remarkable country yards, full of flowers, fruit trees, vegetables complemented by the wine yards offer essential moments of gastronomy tastes, terroir identities, tranquility and rests.  

Exciting memories will leave breathtakes in unforgettable amusements and experiences.

Come and visit Bulgaria!